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What is PHP Course?

PHP training enables a professional knowledge of software development and web development. Developing dynamic and modern web software is vital to making the IT industry move forward, and the PHP programming language is the best way to ensure this. Used since 1995, PHP is currently operated across hundreds of millions of websites and servers.

If you want to become a web software developer in 2023, an online PHP Course is the best way to ensure you get a foot in the door. Our PHP Training Program with placement ensures that you get the practical knowledge that will help you rise quickly through the industry.

Top PHP Training

If you are looking for a holistic and state-of-the-art PHP Development Training Institute in Pune, then you have come to the right place. Here at Fusion Technology Solutions, we have hired some of the best tutors from the web and software development sector to provide you with both theoretical and technical knowledge of the PHP programming language. Our PHP course ensures that you will walk out a ready-to-serve programmer.

Additionally, our course curriculum is designed in such a way that both fresher’s and those seeking to brush up on their PHP knowledge can take part in it. Our tutors will handhold you through the process and also provide the one-on-one support you need to understand all concepts and create a smooth journey to becoming a professional programmer.

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PHP Course Details

The Fusion PHP Development Course is crafted to fit those who seek a career in programming. So, we cover all the bases. Expect to learn the core concepts of PHP programming while also getting an overall view of web development. We will provide plenty of practical exercises to get you industry-ready and, finally, will ensure that you get placed in a well-suited role.

Our PHP web developer course curriculum will provide the following classes, among others:

  • Basics – Syntax, Operations, Variables, Quotes, Dynamic pages, and more.
  • Flow control – Conditions, Loops, Arrays, and more.
  • HTML Forms
  • String Manipulation
  • Writing Functions
  • Reusing Codes
  • Data Managing
  • Authentication
  • Both user modules and out-of-the-box modules
  • Drupal7 training


Future Scope as a PHP Developer

Since PHP is an open-source programming language, it will never really go out of use. Developers across the world are constantly making use of the PHP language and developing amazing websites and software. In the Indian IT industry, the use of PHP as a programming language is at an all-time high. Web development firms are always on the lookout for skilled PHP coders, and with the certification you will receive from our online PHP development training program, getting placed at one of the top firms will be absolutely easy.

With the right skills and knowledge gained from a reputed PHP Development Training Institute such as Fusion, you will also be able to rise up the ranks in no time and earn a very high salary. There is almost no end to how much you climb up the IT ladder, and we will ensure that you get the best head-start possible.

  • Applying to our PHP course is absolutely easy.
  • Start by filling up the form provided here with your accurate details.
  • Once we receive your form, we will confirm the details and get back to you with a confirmation.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation from us, you can go ahead and process the payment.
  • Once the payment has been processed, we will provide you the link to the online classes as well as the schedule.


Eligibility for PHP Course

In order to be eligible for our PHP Course in Pune with placement, you will need to have the following qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming

Or an equivalent graduate-level degree in computer science or programming

If you are a working professional, then you will need to have experience in PHP training or the above-mentioned certification.

Fusion Placement Process

Fusion has been called one of the best PHP development training institute in India not just because of our great curriculum but also because we provide a PHP Course with a placement guarantee. All of our students are placed in top-tier jobs that ensure a long-term career in the IT industry. Our tutors will also provide you with interview training so that you can ace the placement process.

Are you ready for a long and fulfilling career as a PHP programming and coding professional? Then sign up for our PHP course today; classes start soon!

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