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What Is Clinical Research

Clinical research is a segment of the healthcare industry dealing with testing of new drugs before launching them in the market. It’s a standard industry practice across the world, and requires trained skillful personnel and Fusion provides the Best Clinical Research Courses in Pune with 100% PlacementA professional Clinical Research Courses ensures that you can enter into wide array of industry for your professional career and, India is one of the top countries when it comes to clinical research and clinical trials. Are you ready to explore an industry that provides both job satisfaction and a chance to create a difference in the world?

Top Clinical Research Courses

Building a career as a clinical research professional is highly lucrative. So, it is normal to look for the top clinical research courses. But in order to quickly rise up the ranks, one has to achieve a well-rounded training as well as good theoretical knowledge.

With our PG Diploma in Clinical Research you will be able to make a mark in the industry and stand out among the best. In this clinical research courses we provide genuine hands-on guidance to our students. We are proud to have a great faculty that supports our students every step of the way.

We have carefully crafted the program to include all aspects of clinical research. We claim to be one of the Best Clinical Research Institute because we provide a well-balanced education. So, expect to be absolutely job ready once you have completed the course.

You will find our course to have great Return on Investment. Fusion Technology Solutions has tied up with some of the best recruiters in the industry, so you will be placed immediately upon earning your PG Diploma degree.

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Our 3 month long Clinical Research Certification course is designed to be accessible to both freshers and those with expertise in the field. Additionally, we also include pharmacovigilance training and medical coding course to ensure that every candidate is industry ready.

We cover everything from introduction to clinical research to data management, protocol designing, drug development, trail monitoring, and more. After completing this course you will be industry ready, and will be able to start at any top clinical research facility as an employee.


Currently there is a huge demand in the market for fresh clinical research professionals, since post-Covid period the number of clinical researches being conducted has skyrocketed. So, you will find many clinical research job opportunities and growth.

This is the perfect time to enter the industry, and most facilities that serve various Pharma companies in their research process are looking for trained clinical research students. So, you will be placed in a position that will be both long-term and well-paying.

Clinical research syllabus

Outline of Clinical Research
Overview of Clinical Trial
Drug Development Process
Ethics in Clinical Research
Career in CR / trial

Drug Discovery Process
CPCSEA Guideline
Phase 0
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Regulatory Filing in US, Europe, India, Japan, Canada and Australia
Intellectual Property Rights
Privacy and Confidentiality
Career in Regulatory Affairs

Historical Guidelines in CR
13 GCP Principles
ICH-GCP Guidelines
Schedule Y

Basic Terminologies
Introduction to Medical Coding
Types of Medical Coding
Introduction of Medical Scribe
Career in Medical Coding/ Scribe

Basic Terminologies
Introduction to Pharmacovigilance
Historical Perspective of Pharmacovigilance
Case Processing
Global Safety Monitoring System
Introduction to ADR and ADR Reporting
Aggregated Report
Case Narrative
Signal Management
Risk Benefit Assessment
Audit and Inspection
Role and Responsibilities in PV

Basic Terminologies
Introduction to Clinical Data Management
Guiding Principles and Regulations Associated with CDM
Standard Operating Procedure
Data Management Plan
CRF Design
Database Validation, Programming and Standards
Electronic Data Capture
Data Privacy and Entry
Managing Lab Data and Collecting Adverse Event Data
SAE Reconciliation
Quality Management of Clinical Data
Role and Responsibilities in Clinical Data Management

Ethics Committee


We have a very straightforward and simple application process for our students.

  • You need to fill the online form on our website or you can visit in person
  • We will then review your application within a short period of time
  • Once reviews we will contact you and inform you about the next steps
  • You can then pay the fee and start the course as per your preferable timeline
  • Once completed we will help you with the placement process

Here at Fusion Technology Solutions we believe in creating inclusive clinical research courses that are open to students from a wide field of education. In order to apply for our clinical research training program you will need to have any one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a field of bio-science or life-science
  • A bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences
  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine
  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing

The curriculum of our PG Diploma in Clinical Research is crafted such that any student from a bioscience or healthcare background, as well as a working professional can will be able to attend it. While the process is flexible, we always ensure that every student receives hands-on guidance from our instructors.

Upon completion you will be provided a certificate for your course which will showcase not only your education but also the skills you have learned. Our certification is accepted at all top clinical research facilities, and you will also receive mock interview training. This is one of our best selling clinical research courses because there are immense career opportunities with a PG Diploma in Clinical Research.


Having a clinical research certificate opens up the door to many high paying jobs. You can start as an assistant in any pharma company. As you rise up the ranks, within a few years you can expect to be earning anywhere between 7LPA to 10LPA.

But it is also important to keep in mind that these salary figures may vary based on geographical location and your other educational qualifications. We are the only Clinical Research Course in Pune that provides world-class training and a 100% placement assistance. So, we will always ensure that you receive the best possible placement.



Some of the key sectors to target for a clinical research specialist include:

  • Biotech companies
  • Pharma companies or laboratories
  • Pharmacovigilance segment
  • IT segment of healthcare industry
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Data management facilities

Here at Fusion Technology Solutions we have connections with the top of the line Pharma companies and Labs to ensure that our students get placed in well-paying roles. We will also provide you the required training so that you can quickly improve your career and become a clinical research specialist at a reputed organization.

Our track record regarding placements is immaculate, and we have always provided a 100% assistance when it comes to our students securing jobs. Our top-of-the-line education and placement support ensures that we are the Best Clinical Research Training Institute in Pune


- Clinical research course can benefit you by having a wide coverage of available career perspective in the healthcare industry with add on knowledge and guidance by industry expert trainers with a recognized certification in the field.

- This course includes topics such as discovery and development process of drug along with importance of ethics, data management activities, International and Indian good clinical practices for trials, etc.

- All students from life science graduation such as, BSC, MSC life science, B pharm, M pharm etc.

- The duration for the Clinical Research Courses is 3 to 4 months.

- After completion of PG diploma in Clinical research fresher’s can expect a salary package between 18,000 to 30,000.

- Students can apply on our website or can call our counselors on mentioned number and enroll for the course.

- After successfully completion of the course student can explore opportunities in Pharma companies, CRO’s, Research Organizations, etc.

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