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What is a Digital Marketing Course?

The term digital marketing refers to using various online means of branding and advertising. Social media platforms, Google ads, and other similar platforms have become key areas of advertising in today’s world. The role of a digital marketing expert is to curate a plan of action regarding how an organization will approach advertising on these various platforms.

A digital marketing professional is also well-versed in data analytics and the various software used for tracking them. Additionally, the role includes the ability to understand ad budgeting, creating organic reach, targeting select markets online, and much more. Lastly, they are also responsible for tracking current market trends and deciding how to shape the branding and advertising strategy based on these changing trends.

Every organization big and small practices digital marketing to a certain extent. After you have gained a certificate by completing this digital marketing course, you will be able to apply for a job at almost any organization that has an in-house marketing team or to specialized digital marketing agencies.

Top Digital Marketing Course

Our digital marketing training curriculum has been curated keeping in mind the needs of modern organizations and the various approaches they take towards advertising online. Aspects such as human centered strategies and inbound-first marketing are some of the key concepts you will be learning as part of this course along with understanding analytics and marketing tools.

Digital marketing is a vast realm, so we will help you understand the core-concepts and also the various practices centered around them. Our aim is to ensure that when you complete the course you are absolutely job-ready.

Once you have finished the course you will also be awarded with a certificate proving your expertise as a digital marketing professional, and this will help you get started in the industry immediately. Additionally, our placement process ensures that every single applicant is placed in an organization of their choice where they can climb up the corporate ladder with ease.

So, get started on a career as a digital marketing expert today and sign up for our digital marketing classes.

Digital Marketing Course Details

The Fusion Digital Marketing Course is centered around providing a diverse set of knowledge and practical learnings. From optimizing SEO on websites to building full-fledged social media strategies, you will be learning a wide range of concepts via our digital marketing training.

All the topics in our curriculum have been handpicked by some of the best tutors in the industry, and they will also be handholding you through the entire process ensuring that you truly get the support and understanding needed.

Future Scope as a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is one of the most promising job opportunities in the current hiring landscape. Whether you want to be a marketing manager or a content marketing professional, attending a top-tier digital marketing online course will help you achieve your goals with ease.

Almost every organization is in need of a solid marketing team, and a digital marketing expert is a crucial part of this team. There are also tons of companies providing direct digital marketing support, and with the skills and knowledge you learn from this course, you will prove to be an asset to them and climb up the ranks with absolute ease.

Application Process

If you are ready to sign-up for our digital marketing online classes then you can start by filling up the form provided to you on this page. Once you have sent us your details we will verify them and contact you regarding processing the course fee. After the payment has been processed you will receive the details of the course curriculum and also the link for joining the classes.

All our classes are flexible so you can attend them as per your availability, and you can always reach out to our tutors for a one-on-one session to clear up any doubts you may have.

Eligibility for Digital Marketing Course

While our digital marketing classes are geared towards helping marketing professionals upskill themselves in order to keep up with the constantly changing professional landscape, you can also apply as a fresher as we will go over the basic concepts of digital marketing as well.

Whether you are a bachelor’s degree level student or a working professional, you will be able to use the learnings of this course to create a prospective future in the marketing world, and with the skills learnt you will be able to help a vast number of organizations achieve their marketing goals.


Fusion Placement Process

Here at Fusion Technology Solutions, we ensure that every member of our course is able to secure their future at the end of the course. We have been hailed as one of the best digital marketing classes not only because of our holistic curriculum and handpicked tutors, but also because of our dedicated placement process.

After finishing the course you will receive a certification from us which will allow you to apply at any organization hiring for digital marketing roles. Our placement team will also train you regarding the interview process, and we also work with a wide network of marketing teams, so we will be able to place you in a good organization with absolute guarantee.

Sign-up for the Fusion Digital Marketing Course today and get started on a professional journey that will last you a lifetime. Limited seats remaining for the next batch, enroll today!

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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Website and SEO Basics

Social Media Marketing

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Evolution and importance of Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  4. Key digital marketing channels: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing
  1. Basics of website development
  2. Importance of responsive design
  3. On-page and Off-page SEO techniques
  4. Keyword research and analysis
  5. SEO tools and analytics
  1. Introduction to major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  2. Creating and optimizing social media profiles
  3. Content creation and curation for social media
  4. Social media advertising
  5. Social media analytics

Paid Advertising and Analytics

Email Marketing and Content Marketing

  1. Introduction to paid advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads)
  2. Creating effective ad campaigns
  3. Budgeting and bidding strategies
  4. Analytics tools (Google Analytics)
  5. Analyzing and interpreting data for decision-making
  1. Building an email list
  2. Creating effective email campaigns
  3. Email marketing tools
  4. Content marketing strategy
  5. Blogging and guest posting
  6. Visual content creation (images, infographics, videos)


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