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What is Full Stack Development?

  • Learning Full Stack Development helps you become a professional web application developer. In the current IT market, it is one of the most lucrative sectors, and online full-stack development training programs are now more popular than ever. Every brand, big or small, requires web applications to run their business. So, there is a constant need for skilled developers who can create dynamic and powerful web applications dedicated to various industries. There is also a constant rise in web development companies, making Full Stack Development a must-have skill for any aspiring candidate.

  • how to Start coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn and understand the version control system git, GitHub.  
  • How to solve errors, and how to Learn key troubleshooting and debugging skills to apply to your web projects and applications.

Any top Full Stack Development Training Institute, such as Fusion Technology Solutions provides both frontend and backend development knowledge along with in-depth software training. We have put together a great team of experienced teachers to help develop a perfect curriculum and also guide our students through the entire learning curve. Whether you already possess some knowledge of web development, or are absolutely new to the full stack environment, you will find our Online Full Stack Developer Course absolutely easy to follow.

Also, we believe in creating inclusive learning programs. So, our classes are absolutely flexible and you will be able to attend them at any time. At the end of the course, you will receive a degree in the form of a PG Diploma in Full Stack Development that will help you get through the top job opportunities. Additionally, we provide our Full Stack Development Training Program with a placement guarantee.

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Full Stack Developer Course Details

We have created a holistic course for all aspiring web developers that ensures you learn the latest tools related to both frontend and backend web development. The entire training process is job-oriented, and you will be learning how to become a fully functional web developer in the current industry.

The course curriculum includes:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 – Fundamentals, Tags, Storage, Index, Animation, Pagination, and more.
  • JQUERY & AJAX – Introduction, Effects, Forms, Events, JSON, and more.
  • JavaScript – Object-oriented learning, Functions, Closures, Constructor, Prototype, and more.
  • AngularJS – Introduction, Directives, Binding, Expression, Filters, Modules, and more.
  • NodeJS – Introduction, Architecture, NPM, HTTP, Middleware’s, and more.

Future Scope as a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers are currently one of the most sought-after roles in the web development industry. Be it creating a dynamic website or a web application, the knowledge of full-stack development is a must.

So, if you have a professional degree from one of the best Java full-stack development training institutes in India, you will immediately get placed in a top-tier role, and from there, you can climb the ladder upwards. While there is no end to learning full-stack development, and you will gain a lot of experience while working in a professional role, a degree from a certified full-stack web developer course will always help you get ahead in the race.

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  • -Wait for us to review your details and get back to you
  • -Once you receive confirmation from us, pay the course fee
  • -We will process the fee and provide you details regarding the classes and curriculum

Detail syllabus

• Understanding the World Wide Web
• Overview of Front-End and Back-End Development
• Setting up Development Environment
• Introduction to HTML and CSS
• Building and Styling Basic Web Pages

• JavaScript ES6 and Modern JavaScript
• Introduction to Front-End Frameworks (e.g., React or Vue)
• Creating Interactive Web Applications
• Consuming APIs
• Introduction to Package Management (e.g., npm)

• Connecting Front-End and Back-End
• Building a Full Stack Application
• Real-Time Web Applications (WebSockets)
• Deployment and Hosting

• Developing a Full Stack Project
• Debugging and Optimization
• Presentation of Final Project
• Career Development and Job Search Strategies

• Advanced HTML and CSS
• Introduction to JavaScript
• DOM Manipulation
• Responsive Web Design with CSS and Media Queries
• Introduction to Version Control (Git)

• Introduction to Server-Side Programming
• Setting Up a Back-End Environment (Node.js, Express, or equivalent)
• Building RESTful APIs
• Working with Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
• User Authentication and Authorization

• Advanced Topics in React/Vue or Equivalent
• Serverless Computing (e.g., AWS Lambda)
• Testing in Full Stack Development

Eligibility for Full Stack Developer Course

In order to apply at our Full Stack Development Training Institute, you will need to have any of the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any science field
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in computer programming
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • A bachelor’s degree in web development
Fusion Placement Process

Fusion Technology Solutions guarantees all its students 100% placement support. Not only is our course designed to ensure that you bag a top position at a company of your choice, but our Full Stack Developer Course in Pune with placement that you get placed in a role that will help you create a long and secure future as a web developer.

We also provide interview training to all our candidates so that they can ace the placement process. Additionally, our degree certificate is accepted by all the top companies in India. Every year, all our students are placed in some of the best web development firms, and with our help, you too can get started on your dream career as a full-stack web developer.


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