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Certified Data Science Course with 100% placement support!

Becoming a data scientist is truly one of the best professional steps to take in today’s world of tech revolution. With our handpicked syllabus you will be able to understand the intricacies of data patterns and turn raw data into actionable insights in no time.

Fusion Technology Solutions brings to you a detailed and well-structured PG Diploma Data Science Course in Pune. We have helped many candidates achieve the role of data scientist in top-tier companies, and with our training you too will be able to have the data scientist tag!

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Learn about data science and the various professional sectors that employ data scientists

Data science is easily one of the most talked about aspects in IT & business management. Born out of applied math and statistics, it is the process of understanding business-specific data and how it can be applied to develop different areas of a business.

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Some of the popular professions related to data science include

  1. Big data: IT firms in today’s world use humongous amounts of data. The ability to sort this data and use it effectively is the job of a big data professional.
  2. Machine learning: Designing algorithms that help firms generate leads and achieve other objectives through data is one of the most important aspects of data science.
  3. Data analytics: Using BI (Business Intelligence) tools to create a firm’s data journey and providing analytical outcomes is known as data analytics.

Our data science course ensures that by the end of it you are knowledgeable about all aspects of data management, and are able to choose a profession with our placement support! 

Why choose our data science course?

Our data science course is designed keeping in mind the different levels of understanding a young engineer may have. Hence, we cover the basics as well as the higher level requirements in our course.

When you finish this data training course you will be able to apply for a wide range of jobs across sectors such as ecommerce, social media, lead generation, web development, app development, etc.

We are always updating our syllabus to ensure that our applicants are able to learn market relevant aspects of the vast world of data science. Furthermore, our instructors provide ample hands-on training that allows our candidates to be absolutely job ready.

Our data science course is designed in such a way that we will cover all the basics of data science and also teach its applications. So, you will have a fundamental understanding of the subject while also applying the learnings to a real-life situation.

Fusion Technology is a premier institute that provides a range of PG Diploma technical courses, and we also ensure 100% placement assistance for all candidates. We have tied-up with leading hiring agencies to ensure that your time spent becoming a data science professional truly pays off!

Our data science course is only three months in length, and is flexible enough for all applicants.

So, if you are a budding engineer or data science enthusiast, apply today!


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